Monday, August 31, 2009

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1926 Sesquicentennial Half Dollar.
Calvin Coolidge is the only living president
ever depicted on an American coin.

Four articles (and several illustrations) currently are posted below. They are by-products from research, production and editing of "Things of the Spirit," a comprehensive biographical film on the personal and political life of Calvin Coolidge:

  • "The Case for Cal" — an editorial published by The New York Sun in July 2007.
  • "Things of the Spirit" — a second editorial piece on Coolidge requested by the Sun shortly before the newspaper ceased publication in September 2008.
  • "Calvin Coolidge: Revisioning History" — a paper delivered at The American Presidency on Film, a national conference at Westlake California in November 2000. The three-day conference was attended by presidential scholars, academics and media people. In addition to the paper, a one-hour preview of "Things of the Spirit" was screened at a plenary session.
  • "A Democrat Views Coolidge" — an address delivered at the Annual Meeting of The Calvin Coolidge Memorial Foundation in August 1988, prior to initial fundraising and subsequent production of "Things of the Spirit."
More on Calvin Coolidge and the film, "Things of the Spirit," can be found at the project Web site: If anything prompts a question or comment, I can be reached via: